Diesel Operated Refrigerated Storage

The induction of the self contained Diesel operated transport refrigeration unit changed the face of the food industry and the transcontinental food chain forever over 50 years. In a design that has been tried and true, even today, Diesel trailers are a keystone in the food transport and cold storage industry. In storage applications the Diesel Units have many benefits for their potential use including:

  • High Output Cooling Capacity up to -20*F
  • Digital Thermostat for Temperatures anywhere from   -20*F to 80*F
  • No Installation Required
  • Emergency Availability
  • Self-Contained.. Power went out? No problem! Diesel Units run independently!
  • Dock level entry, flat floors and Overhead Doors


Sizes 30’- 53’ Widths 96”/102”

Roll Up Overhead Doors or Swing

Units All Thermo King Fleet

Low-Decibel Thermo King “Whisper” Units Available upon Request!