Storage Trailers

Available in all sizes and for all refrigeration specifications! Our storage inventory is constantly being added to. All of our refrigeration units are maintained in house by our own Refrigeration Technicians. Each unit and trailer are routinely inspected and maintained both while in our home yard and while on site at our Customer’s locations. We take great pride in our Service Team for their attention to detail. If you should need something specific such as Produce Chutes, Interior

E-Tracking or Custom Modifications for your Storage Trailer we will work with you to set you up with equipment and personalized service that exceeds expectations.


Our fleet of equipment available for stationary storage trailers can be classed in 3 main categories:

Diesel Operated, Electric Plug-In, and Dry Freight

For more information on what application would suit your needs best and with cost-effectiveness in mind give us a call today to assess your project and receive a complimentary quote free of charge.